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Thread count conversion table


The ideal thread count for your sheets depends entirely on the type of sheets you are going to buy. This is because the meaning of thread count is simply the amount of threads that fill a certain area of your sheet. Therefore the finer the material your sheet is made out of the higher thread count can be.


 Measured by Metric system Imperial system
 Dimensions 10cm x 10cm  2.54cm x 2.54cm
 Threadcount 788 200
  985 250
  1182 300
   1398 355
   1576 400
counting 2-ply 1576 200


Why do so many sheets have thread counts with such high numbers?
Over many years of marketing thread count has been highly associated with being a mark of quality.

Many sheet companies have hijacked this loose understanding about thread count by trying to promote the idea that the higher the number the better bed sheets are (and more expensive).

And as the average consumer has no easy way to measure thread count they are at the mercy of the retailers honesty when declaring their products thread count (read more here about ways in which companies manufacture sheets with deceptive thread counts)