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We have been learning and testing to understand how TENCEL™ product performs in actual day to day use, which in turn helps us to develop care instructions that will achieve the best longevity out of our products. This is what GAIAS and our customers expect and deserve. Care instructions vary based on the constructions of each fabric and product so we have compiled some basic guidelines when it comes to caring for your HyperSoft TENCEL™ products.

MUST KNOW : HyperSoft™ Tencel

Wash Gently

When TENCEL™ fibers are immersed in water and under the mechanical action of the washing machine, fibrillation is easier to occur. When you see layers of white fluff on the surface of  TENCEL™, it is caused by fibrillation. Hence,  Handwashing is always the best and safest for washing TENCEL™.

Soak Quickly

Fill the water first and fully diluted the neutral detergent in the water before soaking TENCEL™ in it for a while. The soaking time should not be longer as the TENCEL™ absorbs too much water, it will cause fibrillation.

Cleaning Time

Due to the smooth surface of TENCEL™ fiber, the cohesion is not good, washing time cannot be longer and it cannot be washed and spinned strongly. This may lead the seam of the fabric to become thin and cause pilling.

No Dryer

TENCEL™ is a natural regenerated fiber which is not high temperature resistant. The fiber tissue will be damaged. Severely, it will cause pilling and partial fading.

No Sun Exposure

TENCEL™ is high moisture absorbency, the high temperature exposure will easily make the color fading. TENCEL™ needs to dry in a relatively ventilated place.  It is not recommended to dry TENCEL™ directly under hot sun.

    First of all, unlike many other types of bedding that are made with toxic solvents and chemicals, there is no need to wash your HyperSoft TENCEL™ sheets before use – unless that is your preference, of course. We mill and manufacture our sheets with no toxins or damaging chemicals, and only use the cleanest, highest quality materials.

    We recommend you wash your sheets every 2-3 weeks. Since HyperSoft TENCEL™ sheet are hypoallergenic, they don’t trap or breed bacteria, which means they stay clear for longer and require less frequent washes.

    Preferably always wash your TENCEL™ sheets in cold water and on gentle cycle.

    Use a mild (preferably biodegradable) detergent to avoid damaging or wearing away the fabric. When use a mild detergent please wait until it is fully diluted in the water before putting the item in the washing machine. Undiluted detergents can cause staining on the fabric. Read the amount recommended on the laundry liquid bottle or box to determine how much to use.

    GAIAS also recommends to use a detergent that is free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). This is a very common ingredient in most of the detergents and is great for keeping whites white, however can also weaken and discolour certain fabric fibres. We recommend using a eucalyptus based detergent such as wool wash which you can find in your local supermarket.

    Wash separate from other laundry to avoid getting hooked on to buttons, zippers or latches, which can cause pilling.

    Avoid bleach, because it will wear away at the sheets. Fabric softener is prohibited!


    • Hanging to dry indoor is recommended
    • Avoid direct sunlight exposure as it will damage the fibers and make the colour off
    • Malaysia night could be windy, so wash and hang the sheets to dry over night will be ideal. You can collect the sheet and make up the bed in the morning
    • Iron at low temperature if needed

    When possible, let your HyperSoft TENCEL™™ sheets dry naturally in order to help preserve the fibers and color. However, if you don’t have the option of naturally line drying your sheets, you can use a dryer – be sure to choose the low heat and low tumble option.

    To decrease chances of wrinkles, immediately take the sheets out and make the bed with it. The most optimal strategy is to take your sheets out while they’re still about 25% wet and make your bed with the sheets. This allows them to finish drying on the bed and lessen the look of wrinkles.

    If you are looking for an even crisper look, you can use and iron on low temperature.


    • Store your Tencel sheets in a cool and dry place

    As added gifts to your order, all HyperSoft TENCEL™ sheets come with a reusable TENCEL™ dust bag as well as a tote bag. You can store your sheets in the dust bag and tote bag! Please store your sheets in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

    How do I remove stains?

    We recommend cleaning stains as quickly as possible after they appear, although we understand etiquette might sometimes prevent this. Try to not strenuously scrub the stain away, but rather to gently soak, wash or blot it out, this process can be repeated until optimum results are obtained. It is easier to remove stains from natural as opposed to synthetic fabrics because the natural fibres are living and more accepting of attention. Once a stain is truly set, however, it is often difficult to remove. 

    What should I do if my sheets start pilling?

    Since TENCEL lyocell is a completely natural fabric, you may notice slight pilling with initial use. This can be reduced or removed during the washing and drying process when following the washing instructions. Slight pilling is normal for natural fibers, especially in response to friction and isn't a fault or defect.
    To prevent excessive pilling, we suggest going to bed with soft clothing. To prevent friction from dry skin and rough patches on feet, which could cause pilling, try applying moisturizer to affected areas.